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These sinks are finished with Winchester Woodworks' standard “food-safe” finish, then treated with 4 coats of Waterlox™, a tung oil derivative in use since 1916,  with proven waterproofing properties to prevent leaking.  Of course-pooled water should never be allowed to remain on any wood surface. (See and FAQ's for more information.) 

Cleaning and care:
Use non-abrasive, diluted all-purpose household cleaner, Murphy’s Oil Soap, or Waterlox Original Cleaner Concentrate.  (Stay away from ammonia products.) May follow with a coat of light food-grade mineral oil.  

Standard-size BAR SINK    15” Diameter X 6” Deep  $600
Standard-size BATH SINK    17” Diameter X 6” Deep  $600
Standard-sizes above w/custom stripes between joints  $700
Rustic Spalted Maple SINK  16" Diameter (approximate) X 6" Deep $700

Wall thickness of sinks is approximately 1” .
Options:  Choice of flared or rounded rim, nickel or chrome drains (included).
Custom size sinks and Custom Vanities available--Call for quote.
Available in Black Walnut, Iroka, Brazilian Cherry, Domestic Cherry, Maple, Ash, Oak.
Other Wood Species available by Special Quote.


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